Gas Light InnGas Light Inn:The Gas Light Inn, located on the Southside of Indianapolis, is quite the intriguing place. Recently featured on the Biography Channel’s, My Ghost Story, this locale has quickly moved to the top of the list for most popular places in Indianapolis amongst paranormal investigators. The history of the Gas Light Inn ranges from being a confectionery to a bar that served as a primary hangout spot for the famed John Dillinger. Some say you can even find bullet holes, left by gun-slinging outlaws, in certain parts of the structure. Though the historical research is not yet 100% complete, Joe DeMore, one of the owners of the current establishment, which operates as a bar that serves one hell of a bacon wrapped fillet mignon (yeah, I tried it on the night we investigated and it was top notch!), says the building was constructed somewhere between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Similar to the history of the building, the reports of paranormal activity span a wide range that include everything from full body apparitions to employees being physically held in place in the basement! To learn more about the history and reports of activity you will just have to visit the Gas Light Inn and experience it for yourself. The Gas Light Inn has been investigated by a couple of other groups but, as always, Indiana-SPI is not in a position to confirm or deny the results of those investigations, so we had to take the opportunity to check it out for ourselves! Our first visit, conducted in the summer of 2011, yielded some possible evidence in the way of an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) which we intend to post in our EVP section of the website in the near future. Additionally, we also had many personal experiences, including one in which a child’s voice came across our walkie-talkies at about 10:30 that night and again at about 1:30 in the morning. Though we cannot explain this anomaly we cannot yet count it as evidence, at least not without further investigation. It is likely nothing more than common interference, but the factors surrounding this particular event have left us scratching our head a bit. So, back to the Gas Light Inn we will go, sometime in the near future, and we hope to have much more to present as possible evidence and we want your feedback. For now, check out our EVP section of the website and let us know what you think of any and/or all of the items we have posted so far. The Gas Light Inn not only offers fee based ghost hunting but also ghost tours! If you need assistance in finding out more information on the Gas Light Inn please don’t hesitate to contact Indiana-SPI! Happy hunting!)

Black Moon ManorBlack Moon Manor:Black Moon Manor is a farm house from the mid 19th century that combines a fascinating history with the classic look of a true Haunted House! Even in its dilapidated state one can still visualize the beauty it once exhibited. During an outbreak of smallpox the home was utilized as a care facility and many kids were kept there, suffering and, as legend has it, locked away in a small room. Black Moon Manor has many, many reports of paranormal activity, ranging from disembodied voices to items moving and even people getting touched! The home has been expanded throughout it's time and those additions do not come without their own creepy history. The expansion of the home allowed the space needed to conduct funeral ceremonies and many of the deceased were reportedly buried in the backyard. Today, as the story goes, the headstones have been moved to a new location but the bodies remain. This house, now owned and run by a nice young couple is now used as a haunted attraction and is avaialable for full paranormal investigations. Indiana-SPI and Quest Paranormal Research had the opportunity to investigate this location twice during the summer of 2010. Though this location does not have running water or electricity we were able to conduct a full investigation both times! We had a blast conducting the investigations and did have some interesting experiences as well! As usual, if we captured something worth sharing we will do so! To learn more about Black Moon Manor visit Facebook and/or search out evidence presented on You Tube. To hear the possible evidence caught during our investigations please visit our EVP section and don't forget to check out the Quest page at (

Central State HospitalCentral State Hospital:Though this was not a full investigation we felt it was necessary to write about this one. Central State Hospital, largely coveted by paranormal investigators who either have or want to investigate it, is a large campus type of facility that was used as an asylum from 1885 to around 1996. We had the opportunity to conduct an authorized visit to this location with strict restrictions, including a 90 minute time limit, but seem to have had more activity going on in that 90 minute time frame than in any other full investigation we have done to date. Armed with only some hand-held equipment, we went into this location expecting a night of exploration that would be lacking any paranormal activity, but came out of it with a whole new opinion of what might lurk these hallways! In the near future we will be posting an article about our experiences in the SPI Files section, which also means we will be allowed to share some of the evidence we captured. Check back often… you won’t want to miss this one!!! Hope to see ya soon!

UPDATE 1: You can now hear about our first visit to Central State by listening to EERIE Radio ( episodes 33 (and Ramblecast 2 for the audio clips we captured)!

UPDATE 2: We have now had a second authorized visit to Central State Hospital! Details coming soon!

Prospect Place MansionProspect Place Mansion is a Greek Revival / Italianate structure that was built in 1856-1857.  This home, which sits in the Village of Trinway just North of Dresden, Ohio, is a 29 room, 9500 square foot mansion that comes complete with a fantastic history and many reports of possible paranormal activity.  The mansion stood empty for many years, suffering from vandalism and neglect.  Today, this magnificent building is being restored by a descendant of the original builder, G.W. Adams.  The history of Prospect Place Mansion includes drama, intrigue, undying hospitality, and a plethora of death. A short description of its colorful past will unveil its powerful appeal.

The Boggstown CabaretThe Boggstown Cabaret is a small, family oriented entertainment venue that has a style all its own. At the Boggstown Cabaret the audience becomes part of the show, contributing to the humor that goes right along with the music. The building was built in 1873 and was home to the first ‘Red Man’s Lodge’ in the state. Found in the quaint town of Boggstown, Indiana, it sits next to what was once the Seventh Day Adventist Home for Unwed Mothers. The building has a long and rich history that not only includes serving as the town General Store and Barber Shop for many years, but also includes many reports of paranormal activity. To learn more about the Boggstown Cabaret visit To read first hand experiences of our investigations visit the SPI Files section. Enjoy!

The Crump TheatreThe Crump Theatre, which was once an Opera Hall, date of origin is uncertain. Located on Washington Street in Columbus, Indiana, some say the Crump opened its doors in 1874. Other sources suggest that the Crump Theatre was hosting entertainment as early as November 1872. Regardless of the actual opening date of the Crump, its massive structure, architectural design, and historical significance (especially to the City of Columbus) cannot be denied. The Crump has been renovated multiple times throughout the years but has managed to hold onto some very intriguing designs that range from a ‘Crying Room’ (used for mothers to take un-happy babies during a show), to a projector room that was rigged to entrap and most likely kill the projectionist in the event of a fire, to save the audience. Not to mention the rumors of tunnels that led from the Crump’s basement to an old hotel across the street. To learn more about the Crump you can visit To read first-hand accounts of our investigations (and the wild events that happened) check out the SPI Files section. We look forward to returning to the Crump, and have big plans for the future that involve the Crump! Stay tuned for more info!

The Guyer Opera HouseThe Guyer Opera House, is located on US 40 in Lewisville, Indiana. Guyer Opera House was one of many Midwestern ‘Opera Houses’. The Guyer was erected on the site of Dr. O.K. Guyer’s former medical practice and home after a gas explosion demolished a large portion of downtown Lewisville. Today, the Guyer Opera House has a history that is riddled with stories of paranormal activity. The history of the building, though a bit sketchy, does reveal the death of a young boy that was in the audience during a show. Some claim the boys spirit still visits the location of his death from time to time. To learn more about the Guyer Opera House you can visit To read a first-hand account of our experiences while investigating this location visit the SPI Files section!

To see the possible evidence that resulted from our investigations please see the photo, EVP, and video sections of our website.