Indiana SPI

Indiana SPI is a group of professionals who are committed to providing aid to individuals and families who may be encountering paranormal activity by utilizing scientific methods, investigative experience and extensive knowledge of the paranormal field. Indiana SPI also continues to seek out new technology and methods to prove or disprove allegations of the paranormal. 

Founder & Investigator

Todd has been working in the field of law enforcement for 20 years. He has been studying and investigating the paranormal for more than 13 years. After a short period of training and working with other groups, he decided to form a group of his own. With Indiana-SPI he could ensure that the priority is helping people who are experiencing activity and don't know who they can turn to. As someone who has experienced strong activity as a teenager, Todd was left with many questions with no one to ask.  Wanting to change that, he and a friend (who had experienced the same activity) decided to form Indiana-SPI.

Investigator & Photographer

Tobin has been investigating various forms of the paranormal since 2004. Working with multiple groups in various capacities in the past, he has found a solid home with Indiana SPI. Looking to help educate and explore, Tobin has helped with multiple paranormal presentations and investigations. His goals within Indiana SPI is to help create a solid team, collect and analyze evidence and bring answers to those who seek it.


Melanie has been a paranormal investigator with Indiana SPI for over 10 years. As an elementary school teacher, she enjoys educating others who want to learn more about the paranormal. Her goal is to help others who are experiencing paranormal activity and give them the answers they seek.


Amie has been investigating with Indiana SPI since 2010, but the paranormal bug bit her long before that. Curious by nature and a Sociologist by trade, she has always been fascinated with the history of the paranormal and its impact on societies throughout time. However, it was her own personal experiences that drew her to jump at the opportunity to become an investigator! Having grown up in a home where things often went bump in the night, she has spent much of her life searching for explanations behind the mysterious events she had witnessed. Through her work with Indiana SPI, Amie hopes to help others find answers to their own mystifying experiences as well.

Investigator & Consultant

Pamela joined her first investigation in 2008 and fully embraced the scientific process of quantum measurements and critical analysis. Having had her own unexplained experience as a child, she set off alongside the team on a quest for answers. Over many investigations through the years, she has learned that her strength are her skeptical eye and unwavering determination to eliminate all natural conclusions. Accompanied by a love of history, a thirst for knowledge, and a strong set of working theories, Pamela continues her journey into the realm of possibilities. 

Investigator & Researcher

Jennifer comes to us with a science background and a career in the medical industry. With an interest in the paranormal at a very young age, she’s been involved in professional investigations since 2006. Her creative side includes music and art - she plays multiple instruments, sings and does graphic design and fine art on the side. She offers SPI a keen ear and eye to investigations. She loves the historical research involved and offers her services doing much of the background and live research for our investigations. She knows a little something about everything but is sure of nothing. 

Investigator & Videographer

With a background in Information Technology, Ben brings a myriad of skills to the group. He has a combined 20 years of experience in audio production, video production and photography. He has helped organize large events and even a Paranormal Convention, and has been the guest of many radio shows and hosted a few of his own including EERIE Radio. Ben has always been a skeptic, but fascinated with the paranormal and the search for evidence for it.

Investigator & Photographer

BreAnn majored in human services at William Peace University in Raleigh, NC. She moved to Indianapolis where she earned her law degree from IU McKinney School of Law. BreAnn is a critical thinker and after having several of her own experiences with unexplained events, she became interested in seeking evidence of paranormal phenomena.

Investigator & IT Consultant

Fearless IT Consultant by day, mild-mannered paranormal investigator and gear junkie at night. Mike has worked in the IT world for over 15 years working with everything from server farms to software development. With various personal unexplained experiences, he knows how it feels to be in the search for answers. Mike has been involved with several paranormal events, helped organize a paranormal convention, and is one of the founding members of EERIE Radio.